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Thief trainer

Thief   Welcome to our Thief cheats page. Here you’ll find Thief trainers and cheat codes.   THIEF TRAINER Mirror     Features: Gold No Damage Unlimited Focus Super Stealth / Invisibility Arrows Save/Load Position (Teleport) Super Speed   Thief Tips: Need a couple hundred extra coin to get that badly needed upgrade before starting the next mission? The city guards’ and citizens’ coin purses respawn every time you visit your hideout in the clock tower. At 80+ gold per cycle it shouldn’t take long to reach your goal if you’re good at pickpocketing.   Thief Cheats Xbox 360 1)... Read more

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2   Welcome to our Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 cheats page. Here you’ll find Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 trainers and cheat codes.   Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 TRAINER Mirror   Features: Unlimited Health Give Dungeon Key Refill Void Magic Refill Chaos Magic All Skills Unlocked Elemental Shield Timer Easy Break Shields Mega Chaos Damage Mega Shadow Damage Dragon Potions Dodo Eggs Free Magic Spells (new) Add Skull XP (new)   LAST UPDATE:         Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 +7 Trainer   1-Infinite Health 2-Easy Kills 3-Infinite Void Magic 4-Infinite Chaos... Read more

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horizon game

HORIZON   Welcome to our Horizon cheats page. Here you’ll find Horizon trainers and cheat codes.   HORIZON TRAINER       Features: Unlimited Credits Scientists +41 Editor   Options (Editor) ——- Edit: Troops (Soldiers) Edit: Troops (Barbecks) Edit: Troops (Barsig) Edit: Troops (Gargals) Edit: Troops (Har’kan) Edit: Troops (Kamzak) Edit: Troops (Kor’tahz) Edit: Troops (Kuntari) Edit: Troops (Lezgoon) Edit: Troops (Tantik) Edit: Troops (Varaian) Edit: Troops (Unknown Type #11) Edit: Population Edit: Population Offspring Edit: Workforce Edit: Farmers Edit. Workers Edit: Scientists Edit: Pollution Edit: Pollution Control (Neglect, Maintain, Clean) Edit: Resources (None, Poor, Abundant, Rich, … + 3)... Read more

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Fable Anniversary trainers

Fable Anniversary Welcome to our Fable Anniversary cheats page. Here you’ll find Fable Anniversary  trainers, cheat codes, wallpapers. Fable Anniversary trainer: Features: Double Gold on Income Freeze Gold +1 Million to Strength/Skill/Will Unlimited Strength/Skill/Will Turn to Good Alignment  Turn to Evil Alignment Max Renown Lose an Item and Gain One More of It.   Cheat: Easy Experience Head for the Ancient Cullis Gate, in Darkwood. As you approach the gate, a group of Hobbes enemies will appear. Slay them, then head toward the bridge that leads in the direction opposite the gate. Touch the bridge, then backtrack toward the gate... Read more

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The Banner Saga trainer

The Banner Saga Welcome to our The Banner Saga cheats page. Here you’ll find The Banner Saga trainers, cheat codes and  savegame editor.   THE BANNER SAGA TRAINER   How to Using this Trainer? 1. Launch the trainer first 2. then launch the Game and then Press F1 at the Main Menu 3. Listen for “Activated” 4. Press desired option key   Options: F1 Key: Capture Unit F2 Key: Reset Unit F3 Key: Super Unit F4 Key: Weak Unit F5 Key: Full Unit Roster F6 Key: Renown F7 Key: Varl Units F8 Key: Fighter Units F9 Key: Supplies F10 Key:... Read more